When to say “when” if you are caring for your aging spouse.

At Circle of Life Home Care, we say “don’t say when!” Of course, we do realize that when someone is caring for their ill spouse, it is hard, and it is increasingly harder for the elderly. In fact, seniors caring for an ill senior gives added physical strain to an already emotionally strained situation. So how do you handle this situation and keep your spouse, at home, with you? We say: don’t be too proud to ask for help. If you have family, ask for support. Not asking for help puts both you AND your spouse, at risk. Here are some tips to help you get through, while keeping your spouse at home, with you, where they feel most loved and cared for:

  • Know your limits – don’t lift your spouse if you have a bad back. Patient lifts are a god-send – USE one.
  • Stay positive – your spouse probably already feels guilty and weak. These emotions can quickly turn to depression if you unknowingly act like they are a burden. If the tables were turned, your spouse would remember their wedding vows and treat you with love and tenderness, wouldn’t they? No matter what? Stay positive. Fake it till you make it (this works; trust me!). Consider joining a caregiver support group (they even have them on social media outlets, now), speak to your religious leader or a licensed counselor.
  • Keep your body and mind strong, too! Caregivers often suffer anxiety and depression. We’ve seen it, many times. Don’t wait until this sets it, before you ask for help. Get enough sleep, drink enough fluid and make sure outdoor exercise is on your self-care schedule – you cannot help if you don’t keep your health intact.
  • Call your daughter to pick up milk and bread or prescriptions. Perhaps she can help with some light housekeeping. If you don’t have family near to help with grocery shopping, light cleaning, picking up prescriptions or simply sitting with your spouse while you go play a game of chess with a friend, consider Circle of Life Home Care – that is exactly what we are here for: respite care – for YOU!

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Splitting up some of the caregiving responsibilities with a trusted family member or Circle of Life Home Care will ensure a higher quality of life for both you AND your spouse.

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