How to set goals in a pandemic – Happy 2021

There is a strong relationship between setting personal goals and motivation. Setting a goal isn’t a magic bullet, but it does boost personal growth and accountability.

Set a goal to overcome an issue that you have been struggling with. It is proven that just the act of setting a goal, increases performance by 20-25%! Get some paper – GO!

So where to start and what kind of goal should you set? That really depends on your lifestyle and where your activities lie. Are you working? Are you living alone? Is family near? That may help you with some of the ideas, below:

Improving relationship with family. Our relationship with family is one of the most defining we will ever have. The truth is that not every family shares a strong bond, and even for those that once had such a bond, things can deteriorate, and family members become distant. This may be the perfect place to start. Set a goal to tell more stories about your youth – your family really wants to hear your memories. Especially new stories. Rather than telling them the stories that they are familiar with, ask them what they’d like to hear about: school, marriage, childhood, college, sports, your most embarrassing moment, moving, setting up home, etc. No matter what topic they choose, you’ll come up with a memory – and they’ll love that! Or make a goal to Facetime your son, each week (just a short talk – set a timer). Or make a goal to send $1 to a grandchild, each week. If you have the luxury of having family near, teach your grandchild how to do something; Knit, Crochet, or Write Cursive.

Learn something creative. Being creative gives you a sense of accomplishment. You’ll feel more satisfied as your creations are givien as gifts and bring joy to others, too. 

Learn an instrument. Did you know that learning to PLAY an instrument uses BOTH sides of your brain? And it can increase your IQ by 7%!

Manage time. Learn to manage time, better, by one minute. Or simply improving your time management by 1 minute (going to bed one minute earlier, leaving the house 1 minute earlier) can reduce a great deal of stress in your life (and your family’s).

Improve your reading habit. Make a goal to read an educational book or an inspirational book.

Health and Social Life. Make a goal to take a walk with someone, each week. This will be two goals: a health goal and a social goal!

Bravery and connection. Set a goal to be more vocal in Bible study. Set a goal to reach out to an old friend, each month.

When you write your goal down, make sure you write down the WHY – that will help you stick with your plan of HOW.

  1. Specific – your personal goals should be clear, with no room for confusion.
  2. Measurable – be able to track and qualify each target.
  3. Achievable – starting small isn’t anything to be ashamed about – it is crucial, in fact, to help propel yourself.
  4. Relevant – goals should be in tandem with something that makes you unhappy and that you wish to change. There is no use in having goals that are not in sync with what you want to improve.
  5. Timed – having a deadline gives you motivation and ensures your goals remain goals instead of dreams.

Goal-setting is a psychological way to drive motivation and research has strongly linked goal-setting with success. And improvement doesn’t stop with age. Never, ever stop improving who you are and where you are going.

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Wendy Craighill