The Caregiver and the Patient

A nursing transaction can be comforting, humiliating and life-changing. Your experience will largely depend on the circumstances surrounding your situation, but perhaps more importantly, the caregiver you’re working with.

Your caregiver will not only care for you in the very best and most nurturing way, but they can also change your life for the better. Here are eight ways:

1. They’ll show you they care

In today’s fast-paced world, it seems like everyone’s attention is in short supply. People are always looking down at their phone, multitasking and living a mile-a-minute. Our great companions will show you that’s not always the case, by listening and caring about you and your needs. Not only will being a good listener help them do their job, but it’ll also show you that our employees truly care about those that they serve.

2. They can save you a lot of stress

There’s an old expression, “If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur.” Hiring a great caregiver can save you literally thousands of stressful tears, hours and worry. Putting your care into very capable and caring hands is a big step, but such an easy step.

3. They can help you see things in a different way

One of the most overlooked aspects of hiring a professional caregiver is just how much of an effect they can have on your perspective. For instance, a great nurse or companion can listen to what you ask for, observe your behavior and suggest care that’s even better than anything you’ve ever considered.

4. They’ll do more than help you stay healthy

A great companion will go above and beyond for you. They’ll help you without humiliation; in fact, they’ll help you with such dignified care, offer suggestions (if you’re open to them), and even help you navigate the new changes in your life and health. Great caregivers provide so much value because they want to be your go-to resource for anything to do with health and well being.

5. They help you with things that you cannot comfortably ask for, from family

Great caregivers aren’t necessarily miracle workers, but they’re close. A great companion will surprise you with a suggestion that no one in your family has ever thought of before, whether it’s finding a new way to cook or a solution to an otherwise complex caregiving problem. A great companion is proactive; instead of sitting around waiting for you to ask for something, they’ll make things happen for you.

6. They carry a lot of your stress, away

One of the best things about a great companion is the peace of mind that comes from working with them. There are lots of things that can go wrong when health starts failing; a great companion knows this and will not only anticipate issues ahead of time, but will shoulder the burden and solve problems for you, making it a low-stress experience.

7. They’ll go to battle for you when it counts

The right caregiver is like a general you can depend on when the going gets tough. From searching for the tools and food items and medical supplies to negotiating with your family for you. Great companions are in YOUR corner – and they always have your health and well-being mind and your best interests in mind.

8. They can become a friend for life

Maybe your companion feels warm and fuzzy the first time you meet them, but likely they’ll become a friend – a true friend. One that built on relationship, trust, comfort and the kind of infectious personality that you always want to be around. So don’t be afraid to form a true friendship with your caregiver – it could truly change your experience.

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Wendy Craighill