Merry Christmas to YOU from Circle of Life Home Care

This CAN be a rough time of year. For families with younger children, the kids may be overexcited and overstimulated to the point that they cannot sleep and misbehave, constantly. And for families with elderly parents, your parents may be lonely, frustrated or depressed. Or are you in a sweet spot, this Holiday?

If you aren’t in a sweet spot this year, maybe it is time to look for a hand up. If you need help this year looking in on your parents, doing their shopping, organizing their medications, or just visiting as often as they would like….we can do that for you. Or if you need a break from a difficult parent that lives with you, we can do that, too.

We call these ‘babysitting’ services companion care. We have nurses that work for us, too, to help with medical services or rehabilitation, but most of our clients use our companion services. They can do a variety of things for your parent – in fact we like to consider them YOU, but not you. During our initial call, we try to listen and match the perfect companion with your loved one – one that will listen, help, and listen, again, because we know some of your parents repeat the same requests or stories over and over – and it is our job to listen and listen, over and over….and we aren’t as tired as you are.

We know that Caregiving is hard – day in and day out. Let us help you, this holiday. We’re here and you are in SUCH good hands with Circle of Life Home Care. Give us a call to learn more about pricing or initiating services.

Are offices can be found at:

610 Thimble Shoals Blvd, Suite 301 C
Newport News, VA 23606

Phone: 757.599.0218

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Wendy Craighill