How do I get in-home care for my parents?

We all head to the internet and ask it questions, like this, don’t we? “How do I find in-home care for my parents?” Why? Because most people want to live home, they don’t want to burden their kids, and they don’t want to go to assisted living.

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Your parents also don’t realize that they are slowing down, cleaning less and taking poor care of themselves. But….they just want their independence.

Circle of Life Home Care is the answer to most of your caring-for-elderly parents. It is the answer for anyone who is mostly independent. It is the answer for someone who needs some help with errands, pickups, and light housekeeping. Circle of Life also offers over-night care and nursing. But, truly, most of our client’s schedule a companion – someone who checks in on their loved one, someone who spends some time caring about them and caring for them – like you would if you lived with them.

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Wendy Craighill